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September 02, 2009



Wow, you were really hit with a lot lately. Physically and emotionally. I wish you good health and the ability to see the good things in your life despite all of the upheaval. Take care of yourself...

Selkie on Ravelry


oh honey, i'm so sorry. what an amazing blow. i hope you have many loved ones nearby. you'll be in my thoughts


Delurking to say that I am so sorry to hear about the hard times that have come your way recently. Take good care of yourself and know that people you don't even know are sending you positive thoughts...


Delurking from a loyal reader to say please feel better, know that the Universe is praying for you and don't forget that you are a loving, creative, kind person. You are an inspiration to me in many ways even though we've never met. Cyber hugs.

Mary Beth

Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm a lurker here too...found you through your mama, whom I met briefly at a bean supper in Freeport. (how random is that!?) You're in my prayers for health and peace.


Cordelia, I'll be praying for you, too. Sending hugs.


Cordelia, I am sending healthy vibes your way. I am so sorry to hear that you have been hit so hard over the last couple of weeks. Take care.


only you could look that hot in a surgical mask! All my love honey - lets talk again soon xox


sending good thoughts to help you physically and emotionally.
sorry to read of your troubles.
get well soon.


Love will win


Love Will Win


Thinking of you this weekend and sending ENORMOUS amounts of love, empowerment and bravery vibes your way. I miss you very much. Love, love.

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