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March 18, 2009


Auntie Knickers

You are right, I do not have any such earrings, but I still have an owl on my (the part of the computer that does the computing, I can't remember its name) and my Thai owl picture in the hall.You have to watch out with that stuff, though; I'm glad you're mixing it up a little with the Love Birds crossstitch (even though that sounds ever so slightly twee). And no one who does as many crafts as you could ever be accused of turning into me - maybe into your grandmothers?


I loooove this Owl Stuffie! It would fit wonderfully on my red comfi chair that I have bought last autumn!!
Hey, how are you? I miss phone calls with you! Maybe we should talk again soon.


post earings to england NOW! (purlease!)


Nancy, I just might have to get you some of these, but you can't have my pair! Send me your current address and I'll see what I can do!


EVA, call me!! Or let's set up a time to talk. I haven't been skyping anymore, but perhaps I could be convinced to reinstall it.


Emerson would love an owl stuffie for one of his baby gifts.

vintage rings

It's first time I see such owl fans. Why exactly owls? I love your owl earrings. I sure my daughter would like it too. Where did you bought or ordered it? I like also the stickers on the window, very sweet.

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