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March 12, 2009


Snorri Sturluson

It's probably just a bewildered cry for attention.


My vet told me that when cats pee in places where they clearly know they're not supposed to, they're likely trying to tell you that something is wrong. 9 times out of 10, if my cat peed on the bed, or in my shoes, or on the sofa, it meant he had a urinary tract infection. Once he was literally just pissed that I hadn't come home the night before. :)


Have you changed the type of litter within the last 4 months? 3 months after we changed our cat's litter so something more eco friendly she decided to tell us she didn't like it by pooping and peeing in spots she wasn't supposed to. Only other time she does it is when we go away and she is mad...
A trip to the vet to rule out urinary tract infection is always a good first step.


My theory is that since he's recently started enjoying the freedom of going outside where he sees lots of other cats, that he's peeing to mark his territory from the other cats he now knows are all around us. What do the crazy cat ladies reading this think?


Well, I just read an article about a cat who randomly got aggressive with his fellow housemates because of "misplaced aggression" towards the cats outside, so there could be some validity to Leslie's idea.

Some other thoughts:
is your house clean? Winifred recently sent me a message about how messy my room was...
have you changed your laundry detergent? Maybe he doesn't like the smell.

Good Luck!


how frustrating. i hope he stops that behavior soon. you sure have a lot of suggestions.



Have the vet evaluate for medical problems, and try Feliway, if that's not the anti-pee stuff you're already trying.

A few months of Prozac calmed our cat's territorial anxiety down, and he stopped spraying, and then we weaned him off the Prozac.


thank you for the circle journals!
hope Deacon peeing outside of the litter box has stopped.

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