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December 05, 2007


Auntie Knickers

Good for you. My goal is a tree by 21 December when Sisterknits arrives. What is the little purple dog with the blue top hat? Or is it a dog?


that is the craziest combination in an ornament...a bird with a tophat in a mailbox?
congrats on getting the tree up...maybe this weekend we'll get to ours.

Auntie Knickers

OK, I should always remember to click-and-enlarge, Celeste is right, it IS a bird wearing a tophat in a mailbox -- is this Gayle's?


Oh, I love it!
I remember very well the first time you decorated the apartment for Christmas and got up the tree...
Happy Advent!
By the way, I am definiely planning to call this weekend! I promise!

Snorri Sturlusson

I thought it was a purple snail with a tophat and a transparent shell. It reminded me of the old Icelandic legend of the Jule Snail who slimes the noses of bad little girls and boys.

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