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December 25, 2007



We just got home from Timo's parents on the (German) "second" Christmas day...and what does Timo do immediately after checking his emails for work? That's right...checks Cordeliaknits! :) Merry Christmas from MacKenzie, Lynn and Timo (no, you are not all alone).

Auntie Knickers

Well, we just made the Buche de Noel, and it must miss you too, because it looks pretty bad! (keep an eye on my blog for a picture!)

I am glad things turned out well in terms of presents, I knew it would!

Auntie Knickers

Actually, that was Sisterknits just now. You look fabulous, dahling! SK is knitting furiously and trying to train the dog for us. We seem to be able to accomplish about one thing a day, today it was the Buche de Noel. Very tasty although not as Martha-esque as sometimes.

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