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December 30, 2007


Auntie Knickers

Well, it's certainly a very feminine looking basket. It reminds me a little of the clay bread baking oven shaped like a woman that a baker in Bowdoinham has.


i love the crazy weaving of the basket...we went to ikea after church yesterday and saw a great basket that had a similar random stitching/weaving to it, perhaps one day we'll pick it up. we left with full bellies - turkey croissant sandwich for c and salmon for me - and two pillows for guests and more tealights - we can never have enough tealights, lots of candle lighting going on at church!

good luck with the paper - get it done, so that you can guilt free chat with your love, and shouldn't she be home soon? i thought she was only gone a week.


Put a cat bed in the bottom of it and you have something useful.

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