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November 23, 2007


Auntie Knickers

The Spelling Bee Champ has to point out that bullion, plain or fancy, is hard on the teeth (though some say it's good for arthritis). I think you mean bouillon. But seriously, folks, a lovely table -- I forgot to take a photo of ours. Margaret made the gravy here and it was good. We had 4 veg (green bean casserole, sweet potato-peach-cashew bake, orange-ginger glazed carrots, and squash with maple syrup) as well as cranberry sauce. The pies and cheesecake were great too! And the company -- even Rusty behaved reasonably well. No drama really, except maybe during the game of SET. Having a very quiet day today.


The Duisburger Christmas Market opened yesterday (on Thanksgiving). This evening we walked through it and all I kept seeing were little sweaterless German dogs. Thinking of you!


looks like a lovely home.
we had dinner at C's parents home - we all had a great time and ate great Thanksgiving foods.
And a photo of Gayle! missing you Gayle. and good to see you wearing that necklace :)
Oh...and we have a landline now, I'll have to call you to let you know.


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