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November 03, 2007


Snorri Sturlusson

Hi, Les! Welcome aboard.


when can i expect a forum for long distance grilling of your new sweeie? (now you'll have to explain to her how our childhood system worked so she knows it's not soooo bad).


Wow, I wish I could have gone to the Dia de los Muertos parade with you. The ceremony and the company both look great. Congratulations on your new relationship.

We had a very good Barebones Halloween extravaganza this year, maybe sometime you can come with for that.


Excellent photo-full post! I love them all for a variety of reasons...I too am a big fan of the ghostly photos, so I *love* the first one. The mask photos are amazing artwork...yes, the hands and bones - creepy, but well executed art. The altar and sneak peek photo - great.
What a sweet photo of you and Leslie! Thanks for letting us all see the beauty of you two together.
(first Sunday? went very well).


Very cute my sweet, though what will I tease you about now that you have a gf with all her own teeth!


My mouth is closed, so I could very well be missing a few teeth. :)

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