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April 10, 2007



I guess we have to ask Joko who is going to knit the vets for him... Who do you think will fullfill his wish?


I think I just DIED of cuteness! Will Yoko and Eva be my friends in thier matchy hats?


Ah... Yoko is Eva's monkey, hat is Jasmins.... slow on the uptake today.

Cordelia's Mother

Does this mean the big paper is finished or was this just a brief break in the madness?


just a break. I'm still working on the paper. In fact, I'm in major freak-out/procrastination mode. also, I can't keep my constituents waiting for new posts for too long!

To the Germans: Sorry for spelling Joko's name wrong. I actually thought about the possibility of it starting with a J after I wrote the post. I guess we'll just have to accept a phonetic spelling for the sake of the Americans for now!

Snorri Sturluson

"Oh, no. Joko!"
"Oh, no joke?"
"Oh, okay."
"No, Coke."
"Oh, okay."
"Oh, okay."
"Cocoa cookie okay?"


Joko says hello.
He is so happy to have the hat.
Thanks cordelia!!

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