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April 30, 2007


Cordelia's Mother

Wish I had a tape! (Or a CD I guess.)


the nest quilt piece is my favorite (aside from the one you made for us). gor*geous*
seminary blues! yes, as i was experiencing it, i thought, i should record this with my video feature on my camera. (i didn't, maybe next time)
thanks for letting me stay. traffic on the bay bridge this morning (according to NPR) was 19!miles!per!hour! at the time i usually drive over it and though i won't tell you how fast i drive it, i will tell you that between 6:30 and 6:45 you can drive it at the speed limit - 50 mph.


Your nest quilt looks spectacular. Combining lots of your talents. Does that mean that if I ever received my Christmas present it would be worth $150.00?


oh, Annalee, at least $150! It's still in-progress, waiting for the perfect thing to make it really special. It's hanging on my bookshelf right now! patience is a virtue :)


I wish I would've ben there singing with you....
My laptop is broken somehow at the moment so I can't be online all the time right now. Just that you know...



a week between postings?

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