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April 28, 2007


Cordelia's Mother

Is Lisa wearing a hat with something coming out of each side, like giant Pippi Longstocking-ish rolls of hair? Or is that just part of the decor of the restaurant that became a sort of bird-on-head picture?


darn...we had every intention of getting you our quilt before the show...um, i'm not a fan of photos of me, so if you could crop me out (i don't remember where i was in the line-up) before you post...cynthia's at church, so i'll have to check with her later. did you make up some one woman show postcards?


Nothing wierd about having only a few for sale - just makes it look like the collectors snapped up the rest, and allows you to hike up the price as a 'desired artiste' xox


Well, I just won't put the group picture up, Even though C+C look great in it :(

The show is now up, and it looks pretty sparse compared to the last one (which had dozens of pieces), but I'm told they are usually more like mine. I've decided not to put prices up, but there'll be a little sign with contact info in case people want to buy.

Cordelia's Mother

I think that's a good plan. Wasn't the last show the one with the many, many artists from Zimbabwe? I think you've probably done plenty for someone who is also doing all those other things.

Snorri Sturluson

I recommend a base asking price of $500 a quilt. In other words, you look at a quilt and say to yourself, "How much more or (a little) less than $500 should I charge for this quilt?" Use the length of creation time as your primary criterion for deciding how much more or less.

Be sure to sign and date each work, especially those you sell. Remember that your signed works will be very valuable in the not-too-distant future as your reputation grows. Not only are your quilts already of museum quality, but they are extremely "salable" because of their combination of thoughtful artistic expression and sheer decorativeness.

I wish I could be there for the show opening.

With best regards (and a great deal of pride and love),


Make sure to charge a lot for the quilts. Your rapidly aging relatives will be depending on you for their daily crust after they are too enfeebled to work.

Also, I really like the nest one.

Mist 1

I don't think it's weird to have eight pieces up and only three for sale. It will only make people want them more. You know, like when you go shoe shopping and the store is sold out of your size so you make the associate call all of the other locations in the metro area? Yeah, it will be just like that. They will be forced to buy the other quilts because they cannot have the ones that are spoken for.

I really should get into marketing. I think I'm a natural.

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