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March 27, 2007



great photos. that ceiling! the grape leaves at the bottom of those archs.
and that garden! is that a knitted bag i see Mackenzie wearing?
yeah! a beautiful photo with Eva in it.


I could almost be a monk for the pleasure of contemplating that ceiling (were it not for the agnosticism, sex, and sexual orientation challenges inherent in that career path as it applies to me..)

Snorri Sturluson

All right, children, here is your quiz. The portions of the ceiling that are painted are called spandrels. Their shapes are created and determined by the beams that support the domes and arches of the ceiling. These interesting shapes were fortuitous artifacts of the roof shapes inherent in Gothic architecture. Some artistic monk or priest or mason said, "Hey, those are neat spaces. Why don't we paint pretty pictures in them?" And thus we have painted ceilings such as the one in your great photo. Now the question is, "How did the late, great evolutionary philosopher Stephen Jay Gould take the idea of painting pictures in spandrels and use it as a metaphor for his modification to Darwin's theory of evolution?"

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