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March 23, 2007



What fun to know you're in Tubingen. I visited by high school German teacher there in 1970. I can't tell you about the rowdy party she threw for me and Kristine and other Fullbright students she knew. Lynn was wondering if you're going to see MacKenzie. She's off this week before starting her new job.
Hope you got your birthday money.


i'm glad you made it safely. love to e & j!


I suppose I should be used to the feeling after 22 years but...I am so jealous!

I hope Eva and Jasmin help you pick out a good present for me. The scarf from London is my favorite, so they have a lot to live up to!

Say "hi" to MacKenzie for me and give her a BIG elinor style hug!


gorgeous photo!
so glad you made it safely.
cobblestones! i long to live someplace with cobblestones in the streets....oh, wait, maybe the dream is pebbled shower floor. no, it's both.
hey e & j!

Cordelia's Mother

Celeste, there are cobblestones in the streets in Portland, ME. Not everywhere but some parts.
I'm glad to know Cordelia is safe in Germany and about to eat Schnitzel! Ah, Jägerschnitzel, Zigeunerschnitzel, Wienerschnitzel, Schnitzel auf Holsteiner Art -- and so many more -- which will she choose?


Hello to Cordilia's Mother!
I ordered a Wiener Schnitzel for Cordelia and she liked it a lot. But what is a Schnitzel auf Holsteiner Art? I never heard of it.

Cordelia's Mother

Schnitzel auf Holsteiner Art or Holsteiner Schnitzel is a Wienerschnitzel on top of which are placed a fried egg (Spiegelei?), anchovies, capers, and lemon slices. I don't think Cordelia would like it nearly as much as the plain one. She might like Jägerschnitzel though, as she likes mushrooms.

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