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March 20, 2007



twisty smirk.


I love the twisty smirk too.

Cordelia's Mother

Even I like the twisty smirk better.


I like the twisty smirk better too. It looks like you know something wonderful that the rest of us don't.

Mrs. Strandsfinkel

twisty smirk, absolutely. and your hair looks GREAT! so, maybe i won't be the AC with the shortest hair this year. i know, maybe we should all do the same color for sprouts this summer. you, me and nancy...but what would color would it be? i can't imagine how pale i would look with bleach blond hair.


Adorable, twisty smirk!


twisty smirk. but i have to say, i LOVE the pic that is there now. i think you should leave it and just frequently post pics of "what you look like now" to keep us updated..


Twisty smirk. And all I have to say about it is 'fuck girl, you are looking FINE!' (you will have to imagine the leer that goes with that statement). I will get my orange hair up so we can begin the AC/Sprouts themehair discussion!!!

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