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March 27, 2007



that apron is *so* you.
the hat looks great.
must go to europe. love all the photos.

Cordelia's Mother

Ah, too bad you couldn't see Pattonville when you were in Ludwigsburg (if it even still exists). It was a hideous Army housing area in which was also located my high school. Of course, we were the Ludwigsburg Stallions. (There were only intramural girls' teams in those benighted days, so we avoided the ridiculous name "Lady Stallions." Of course I would not have been picked for any athletic teams anyway!)

Eva's Mother

It is a shame that the girls did not go to see Pattonville.They could have taken some pictures for you. However, it does not exist anymore as housing for the Army. Today, there are new houses and a new school- a new neighborhood of Ludwigsburg.
By the way, the spaetzle that Cordelia made were really good.

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