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January 15, 2006



Good to see you and your fabulous hat at the knit-out. My daughter definitely wants one now that we've seen it in person!
Hopefully, at the next knit-out I'll actually get to talk to everyone instead of admire their work from wayyyy down the table! :)

(I was the one sitting across from Celia knitting a pink and yellow sock, my daughter was the redhaired young lady with the scarf knitting)

I'll definitely be stopping back by your blog! :)


Sorry to hear that you had to frog your work, but better to frog than to have a sweater that doesn't fit. Was your swatch knit flat? Some knitters knit at different gauges flat and in the round, which might account for the difference.


FOUR FEET? Wow. I've totally done that, too. Aargh. :)

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