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January 15, 2006



Your hat rocks! I made some legwarmers in Kureyon, too. The colors and striping on Kureyon are great.


what about church of kraft?? when are we gonna have that?


Hey Cordelia! My good friend Tristy Taylor from Church of Craft just sent your link to me so I could see your amazing quilts. Imagine my great surprise when I saw your name. I thought to myself, "There can only be one Cordelia who is an artist and who would make such wonderfully original art." And sure enough. It's YOU! Remember me - Amy Brucker from Calliope? We did the cheesey choreographed dance moves together for our fundraiser - I wore red, you wore black (I think we sang the Supremes...!) I moved to CA to go to grad school and seminary too. I can't believe you're here in the Bay Area. If you want to, contact me at amy@spiritweaver.com.

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